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apg clamping machine
  • Air Proapg clamping machine

apg clamping machine

APG clamping machine for produce 10-35KV current transformer, 10-35KV potentia transformer, insulator series, LV CT&PT, spout box, Sf6&Embedded Poles, Wall Bushing, we can make more than 50 nos apg clamping machine per year, moreover we design several new APG clamping machine each year for selling.


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Product Description

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APG clamping machine six sides machine, on top, botom, right and left side all with core-pullers, and the core-pullers are controlled by hydraulic system, so APG clamping machine can move automatically. APG clamping machine special applicate to produce ZW32 circuit breakder.

APG clamping machine technical parameters:


Advantages of APG clamping machine: 

1. Take produce 10KV CT as example, you can get a qualified CT within 60 mins. 10-15 for injecting, 35 mins for Ex-curing and take out product.

2. Fine surface finish of products without air bubbles high degree of finish.

3. CHemical resistance, electrical insulation, strength resistance are greatly improved, we have testing equipments in company.

4. There only need 1-2 workers operate the machine, the efficiency is greatly raised but the intensity of labor is decreased just need control keys on power canbinet.

5. APG clamping machine which won't cause epoxy resin compound waste, for the injection will auto stop when materials is enough.

6. APG clamping machine is easy operate APG machine, our engineer will show how to operate it and we also have user manual to guide operate our machine, no need pay high salary to hire professional engineers to operate machine.

7. APG clamping machine is with small size, APG clamping machine only need take small floor area, APG clamping machine will save housing rant cost.

8.It's  easy take out product, press "opening mold button" than move production from APG mold directly.

9. For APG clamping machine's size is small, APG clamping machine is easy shipping and can savea lot of shipment cost.

10. The cast compound won't split out from mold while producing, not only can keep workplace clean but also will save a lot of cast compound

11. The APG mold lifetime can reach 100,000 times/mold

12. The price of APG clamping machine is acceptable.

 APG clamping machine process flow chart:




Products made by APG clamping machine:

APG clamping machine with our excllent aftersales services:
1. Have 23 year's experience of electric products production technology engineers to your company provide free technology training and help customers make the qualified products.
2. Have rich experience engineer to be responsible for new equipment storting to installation debugging and training.

APG clamping machine with our competitive ability of production:
Well equipped with complete facilitiesand more than 200 skilled workers and operates round the clock on three shifts,so we can keep the orders completed punctually!

APG clamping machine shipment:

If you have any inquiry about apg clamping machine, warm welcome to contact us! We wil give you the best service!

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