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Mixing Equipment

The mixing equipment is usually a vertical cylinder, and its height-diameter ratio is mainly determined by the operation of the liquid-diameter ratio and the loading factor of the container. 

The mixing equipment height-diameter ratio of the liquid in the container varies depending on the nature of the material in the container, the stirring characteristics and the number of layers of the agitator. Generally, it is 1 to 1.3, and the maximum can reach 6.

The type, size, and speed of the mixing equipment have an impact on the distribution of the stirring power between the overall flow and the turbulent pulsation. 
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  • Mixing epoxy resin machine is used for mixing epoxy resin,hardener,and silicon powder,adopt thin film degassing technology, raw material with high vacuum degree without air inside raw material.

  • The Mixing frame is the most important support in the work of the mixer, can make the machine firmly. The mixing Mixing frame and the bottom stirring impeller are connected by the speed-increasing mechanism, and the bottom stirring impeller transmission structure of the product is improved.

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