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The role of voltage transformers and the safety of use


  Many people don't know much about voltage transformers. They don't know what it does. They don't know what to pay attention to when using voltage transformers. The voltage transformer is actually a conversion of the current from high voltage to low voltage. Its value lies in protecting the machine in the working operation from damage when the line fails. Let's talk in detail about the voltage transformer and its safety.

The voltage transformer is a special transformer made according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Its structure is not complicated. It is used to change the voltage on the line. The purpose of transforming the voltage of the transformer is to deliver electric energy. Therefore, the capacity is very large, generally The kilovolt-amperes or megavolt-amperes are the unit of calculation; the purpose of the voltage transformer to change the voltage is mainly to supply power to the measuring instrument and the relay protection device, to measure the voltage, power and electrical energy of the line, or to be used in the line. In the event of a fault, the valuable equipment, motors and transformers in the line are protected. Therefore, the capacity of the voltage transformer is very small, generally only a few volts, several tens of volts, and no more than one thousand volts.

Usually, the rated voltage of the secondary winding of the voltage transformer is designed to have the same standard value of 100 volts. Therefore, voltage transformers used in circuits of different voltage levels have different transformation ratios, such as 1000/100, 600/100, and the like.

In order to work safely, one end of the secondary winding of the iron-shell machine of the voltage transformer must be grounded to prevent the high-voltage coil measuring instrument from generating a high voltage on the ground when the insulation between the high-voltage and low-voltage coils is damaged, and the safety of the crisis workers.