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Manufacturing method for assembling table of high voltage transformer casting mold


The utility model discloses a casting mould assembly table for high voltage transformer, which consists of a steel frame, a chain hydraulic system and a rotating platform. A walking wheel is provided above the steel frame, and an electric hoist is connected under the walking wheel. The chain hydraulic system is arranged under the assembly table. The lower part of the rotary platform is provided with bearings. The assembly can be assembled quickly, at the same time, it can rotate and observe 360 degrees. The staff can use pneumatic tool to tighten the firmware assembly mould at any time. The assembly can choose the best angle of assembly according to the needs of the assembly personnel, which makes the assembly work more convenient and efficient.

High voltage transformer mould assembly stage

[0001] [field of technology]:

[0002] the utility model relates to an industrial production equipment, in particular to a high voltage mutual inductor casting mold assembly stage.

[0003] [background technology]:

[0004] high voltage current and voltage transformer, the main insulating medium is epoxy resin mixed material casting forming. It has excellent insulation characteristics and dielectric constant. The product has the advantages of no maintenance, small size and convenient installation. The manufacturing process of these products is to load the transformer body into the steel mould, then pour epoxy resin mixture into the mold, and then die after curing. The work of loading the mold is usually carried by the heavy steel mould, which is repeated through the work procedure of assembling, hoisting body and sealing the mold.