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epoxy insulators APG clamping machine for Manufacturers Quotes


The equipment for epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic apg molding machine manufacturing insulators, plugs and bushings ranges from Standard APG machines to a variety of moulding machines of our own design. 

Vacuum epoxy resin apg automatic clamping machine and hand moulding facilities complete our range of machinery:

APG - Automatic pressure gelation machine pressure gelation machines with a maximum clamping area of 1200 x 1200 mm

Vacuum moulding

Open-channel moulding

Resin epoxy insulators apg clamping machine production is controlled and monitored by computer systems. Regular quality checks and technical inspections are carried out throughout the production process.

Modern equipment and certified raw materials epoxy resin pressure gel molding machine guarantee consistently high quality source materials. Our suppliers are selected according to strict criteria and are required to undergo periodic audits.

Product advantages:

- Automatic Pressure Gelation Process Clamping Machine For Transformer technology for epoxy insulators, best choice!

- Premium epoxy resin APG automatic epoxy resin hydraulic clamping machine, hardener and silicone powder, sufficient 3-speed mixing and  vacuumization, eliminating bubbles

- Precise mold development, workers will strictly execute production technology requirement of solidifying time and curing time.

 APG technique produce product:

1.Installing and heating molds on mold plates, lock mold, heating molds up to 60°c,open molds,brush mold release agent, close molds, until temperature up to 145-150°c.


2.Pre-mixing compound (resin,curing agent,pigment and Quartz)


3.Injection mixed compound into molds, push mixing pot nearby APG machine,connect pipe from mixing pot to mold, pressure compound into mold until full injection.


4.Post Curing,release air before open mold, move the ready products into oven start to post curing.

Epoxy Insulators APG Clamping Machine Feature:

APG epoxy compound insulator production line equipment is made of main engine, hydraulic station,power 

distribution and mixing device. It applicable for transformer, insulators, contact boxes and other epoxy resin casting products.

The products looks smooth, without bubbles. Meet different requirements well.

 Easy operation,only need 1-2 workers operate the machine

 The molds can be used frequently,shorten the curing time

 Good product quality,fine surface finish of production line for epoxy compound insulator products without air bubbles

 Chemical resistance,electrical insulation,strength resistance greatly improved

23 years experience, Engineers are available to service overseas for installing, debugging and technical training