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Vacuum Mixing Ceramic Insulator Making Machine and Metering Systems for the Electronic Industry: In spite of the use of abrasive fillers, this system operates with a high level of availability and requires virtually no maintenance. 

The cast-resin transformers are cast fully automatically first under vaccum machine and then under pressure, the complete process being microprocessor-controlled. The system uses a preformulated multi-component resin with quartz powder as filler. Ceramic metering pumps able to stand up to the abrasive filler are driven by synchronously running brushless servomotors.

Electronic online control of the metering ceramic insulator making machine as well as of the overall process for constant casting quality. High performance degassing units for optimum degassing with materials of all viscosities for both continuous and discontinuous processes.

Vacuum Mixing and Metering Systems for the Electronic Industry: The system works with highly reactive filled epoxy resin APG forming machine in a two-stage casting process. 

In the first stage casting is carried out under vacuum, then follows the finishing casting under atmospheric pressure in the same cycle. In three-shift-operation the system reaches an output of three million coils p.a.

CNC transformer winding machine

One field of application of vacuum systems ceramic insulator making machine for cast resin insulation is the production of transformers, current and voltage transformers, etc. Vacuum casting equipment. 

The cast resin compound is also prepared under vacuum ceramic insulator making machine, mixed and cast under vacuum in the casting tank. Our scope of supply contains also equipment combining vacuum casting with the pressure gelation (APG) processes. 

Our offers epoxy casting systems for the following applications:

Energy Generators & Drives—For vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI); best-in-class viscosity stability

Indoor Current and Voltage Transformer—For pressure gelation and vacuum casting; outstanding toughness, low shrinkage

Indoor Switchgear Equipment—For vacuum casting and pressure gelation; high toughness, high Tg, HV-GIS

Power Transformer—For vacuum casting; high toughness, excellent impregnation; F1, C2, E2, H-Class, UL746 approval RTI 200°C

Outdoor Resistant—For numerous processes including filament winding; high toughness, flexibilized, hydrolysis stability, hydrophobicity

HV-RIP Bushings (resin impregnated paper)—For vacuum impregnation; long pot life, excellent impregnation, long bushings

Bus Bar Systems—For vacuum impregnation and casting, and potting; one component, long storage, high filler load, ambient cure

Ignition Coil Systems—For vacuum casting; for pencil coil, open cassette; high thermal shock resistance

Potting—For vacuum casting and potting; high thermal conductivity, ambient cure, flame retardant, bromine free