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Vacuum pressure gelation equipment Factory for poxy housing Manufacturers


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Construction and function allows – depending on the required equipment properties – to save costs for the investment, start-up, operation and service significantly at a double digit rate.

 The acquisition price is about ten percent lower than for comparable equipment. It can be set up where it is actually needed, thus saving space, and is more compact. The operator saves a lot of time – both until the production starts and for maintenance, benefitting from the fact that the equipment has incorporated much less moving parts, which are thus subject to less wear. 

The vacuum pressure gelation equipment sustainable design of our equipment grants a long-term operation – without long down times.

Vacuum Pressure Gelation Equipment Impregnation:

•    Reliable electrical insulation with lowest particle discharges

•    Excellent bonding and mechanical fixation

•    Ensuring void-free impregnation

•    Good heat dissipation

APG process clamping machine operating guide:

1.Installing and heating molds on mold plates

lock mold, heating molds up to 60°c,open molds,brush mold release agent, close molds, until temperature up to 145-150°c.

2.Pre-mixing casting compound

(resin,curing agent,color paste and silicone powder), A cetain percentage of epoxy resin special for pressure gel join the mixing tank stir 1-2 hours to mix material evenly nd no bubbles in the sealed pot under a vacuum state.

3.Injection ready compound into molds

Pretreated epoxy resin mixture is injected into APG mold preteating to 140C with the help of compressed air or pressurized pump the mixture is released from the mold after thermal gel forming and get semi-finished products.


release air before open mold, move the ready products into oven start to curing.