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Automatic pressure gelation machine for epoxy resin Quotes Manufacturers


The automatic pressure gelation machine present invention relates to a process for the preparation of insulation systems for electrical engineering, wherein a multiple component thermosetting epoxy resin composition is used. 

The insulation encased articles obtained by the process according to the present invention exhibit good mechanical(automatic pressure gelation machine), electrical and dielectrical properties and can be used as, for example, insulators, bushings, switchgears and instrument transformers.

Epoxy resin compositions are commonly used for the preparation of insulation systems for automatic pressure gelation machine electrical engineering. However, most of these epoxy resin compositions utilize anhydrides as curing agents. 

Due to the developing regulatory framework for chemicals, it is expected that the use of anhydrides in epoxy resins will be restricted in the near future, because of their R42 label (respiratory sensitizer). Therefore, some anhydrides are already on the SVHC candidate list (substances of very high concern) of the REACH regulation.

Therefore, it is likely that in some years these substances may no longer be used without special authorisation. As all known anhydrides are R42-labeled and even yet unknown anhydrides would be expected by toxicologists to be also R42-labeled, a solution that is free of anhydrides is desirable.

The equipment for manufacturing insulators automatic pressure gelation machine, plugs and bushings ranges from Standard APG machines to a variety of moulding machines of our own design. 

Vacuum automatic pressure gelation machine and hand moulding facilities complete our range of machinery:

APG - Automatic pressure gelation machines with a maximum clamping area of 1200 x 1200 mm

Vacuum moulding

Open-channel moulding

Resin automatic pressure gelation machine production is controlled and monitored by computer systems. Regular quality checks and technical inspections are carried out throughout the production process.

Modern equipment and certified raw materials guarantee consistently high quality source materials. Our suppliers are selected according to strict criteria and are required to undergo periodic audits.

Vacuum casting automatic pressure gelation machine:

•    Ensuring perfect impregnation of high voltage windings

•    Excellent chemical and mechanical protection

•    Fully automatic continuous production lines

•    Mass production with highest productivity

•    Reliable electrical insulation

•    Short cycle times

With a pressure compensator, after compound injected into the mold, the gel material produced by the reaction to continue by the contraction of the pressure compensator to compensate for injected material to avoid shrinkage and ensure product quality.

Automatic pressure gelation machine materials preparation, high precision, reduce labor intensity, mixing evenly, the special degassing structure makes the materials good degassing effect, to avoid the injection of the gel process produces a large number of bubbles.

The system can supply compound to several clamping machines for mass production of quick and easy.

High-precision piston pump, make sure the mixing ratio of the material.


With a high-efficiency static mixing device, material mixing area short, high usage of mixing compound, low cost for the wasted materials.