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Transformer Bushing Machine for sale Quotes Manufacturers


Today  the manually  hand-wear bushing, manually cut line, wasted a lot of time, and the cost is very expensive, but now there is an transformer bushing machine, can solve a lot of problems in this respect, labor, cost, efficiency, etc.


High-frequency transformer manufacturers preferred products, instead of manually bushing wear, reduce costs and improve efficiency through the tube more than doubled!

Transformer bushing machine are crucial assets for ensuring a continuous supply of power and must be reliable and rugged as key components of the electrical network.  Power Transformers are frequently in use for decades and are therefore subject to the unavoidable effects of aging and wear. 

Keeping up with recommended maintenance, as well as communication with the original equipment manufacturer, are fundamental in ensuring long life to these important assets.

One vital component that is commonly replaced during a transformer’s lifetime is the bushing. Bushings are used in transformers as the mean to conduct potential in and out of the tank,  and may require replacement due to reasons such as electrical issues often found in power factor and capacitance changes, physical damage, unsatisfactory dissolved gas analysis when oil filled, no oil in reservoir due to leaks, and reasons related to the bushings manufacture and design.

Transformer bushing machine could translate into a catastrophic and expensive transformer failure, so keeping all components of a transformer in good operating condition is important in maintaining and extending its life.  

Safety always comes first, and transformer owners usually decide to replace the bushing when questions arise about the health of these components.

Transformer bushing machine is a window-type current transformer mounted around the bushing’s flange.  They may be inside the main tank (under the cover) or mounted externally. 

A bushing type transformer bushing machine consists only of a toroidal-shaped core with a secondary winding. The bushing’s centre conductor forms the single turn primary of the BCT.  More than one ratio is provided by tapping the secondary winding at multiple increments along the winding.  The secondary winding terminals of the BCT (and the BCT’s nameplate) are accessible in the transformer’s control cabinet. 

BCTs are typically used for protective relaying purposes. Whether used for protection or metering, the saturation of a transformer bushing machine is undesirable.  When operating in saturation, the secondary output current is no longer a miniaturized replica of the primary current but rather a distorted version with a lower than expected amplitude.  This may result in the possible misoperation of the protection system. 

If used for protective purposes, a current transformer is designed to saturate at extremely high current levels so that the transformer bushing CT can successfully perform its important intended function of accurately capturing (high) fault current information. 

However, if the CT has excessive residual magnetism, it will saturate sooner than expected. Remanence flux is dissipated very little in service and requires demagnetization of the core to remove.

Transformer Automatic Bushing machine- Features:

1, microcomputer control, easy to operate.

2, all Chinese CNC monolithic control display

3, the sleeve length adjustable size, precise size.

4, copper adjustable, suitable for most wear bushing transformer productio