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Semi Automatic Vaccum Machine for sale Factory Manufacturers Quotes


Semi automatic vaccum machine product description:We manufacture specially designed Semi Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine for varied industrial purposes. Our machines are semi automatic and portable. 

The machines are designed as it will utilize less power, it can run on a single phase connection. This machine runs on speed of 1 stroke/ minute. Different types of containers can be shaped with the help of these machines. 

These semi automatic vaccum machine are unique and is helpful in enhancing the formation of containers as per mold shape. 

Semi Automatic Vaccum Machine Applications:

Sweetmeat boxes, garments boxes, trays, plates, packs for gifts and perfumes.

Trays, punnets and donas ( square bowls).

Lunch plates as per requirement.

Different types of deep drawn blisters.

Small sized cups for food packaging applications.

Pharmaceutical disposable products.

Lids with interlock facilities.

Also useful for skin packing of any product.

Semi Automatic Vaccum Machine Key Specifications/Special Features:

(1).control system of  vacuum forming machinery: the microcomputer plc of adoption controls the system and it can according to craft request to the full-automatic control of whole machine. 

The electrical motor pulls the slice and the converter with the touch screen to control and stepless pulling slice length and speed and accuracy regulation.

(2).the control part of  vacuum forming machinery: the adoption import electrical parts of appliance and make the whole machine moving stabilization and dependable.

(3).heat the system of  vacuum forming machinery: adopt the far infrared ray porcelain heat brick and six gears switch and one to one corresponding to control the heat brick and validate the control molding temperature and save the energy. 

(4).machinery part of  vacuum forming machinery: specially made aluminum alloy orbit and driving chain. Its appearance was beautiful. The orbit have no any transform and cooling effective is good and the friction coefficient is small and have no the vibration. 

(5).control way of  vacuum forming machinery: manual operation and automation two kinds of control and try the mold produce and continuously produce to can be all and convenient operation. 

(6).molding limits: within the limits of the machine allow adjustable and have no within the limits of the machine allow to can according to the special.

Semi Automatic Vaccum Machine is sometimes referred to as:

semi-auto vacuum forming machines, semi vacuum former, semi vacuum form machine,semi automatic vacuum forming machinery.