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moulds and clamping machines for making suppliers Quotes Factory


Magnetic Mold Clamping for plastic injection mold machines. The M-TECS 130 (max 266°F) is designed especially for use on moulds and clamping machines.

Breaker casting mold

 Our long pole technology uses double magnets to provide up to 20% more clamping force over square pole technology. Moulds and clamping machines flexible design offers quick change of different size molds in a single-minute exchange time.

Breaker casting mold

Moulds And Clamping Machines APG technology Advantages:

1.Good product quality, fine surface finish of products without bubbles.


2. High efficiency,This increases the clamping machine capacity by up to 60%. 


3.Chemical resistance,electrical insulation,stenght resistance greatly improved.


4.High automation only need 1-2 workers operate APG machine,efficiency greatly raised but the intensity of labor is decreased.


5.Power saving,APG machine is power saving design,save a lot of cost.


6. More clean  The cast compound won’t split out from mold while producing, not only keep workplace clean but also save a lot of cast compound.

Moulds And Clamping Machines Features:

1. Epoxy resin contact boxes embedded pole APG machine adopts frame type structure, good manufacturability, strong integral rigidity.

2. Upper and down translation adopts manual screw pole, safe and reliable, the positioning accuracy can be guaranteed, convenient  to operation.

3. Using imported linear guide rail support suspension type movable template directed mould, the mould is much more stable and reliable, high precision.

4. The hydraulic system adopts the classification variable axial plunger pump adjustment system, energy saving, small power loss, small calorific capacity.

5. Press holding adopts the electric contact pressure gauge through the hydraulic accumulator system down pressure,effective, energy-saving, safe and reliable.

6. Simple operation, convenient use, beneficial to achieve human-machine coordination.

7. The hot plate system uses automatic temperature moulds and clamping machines control device, temperature display, automatic temperature control, safety protection function, high precision, good reliability.

8. Stable performance, long service life, no noise.

9. After repeated adjustment and rigorous testing, can guarantee epoxy resin contact boxes embedded pole APG moulds and clamping machines and mold work in a desired situation to produce the goods with standard size, high surface gloss and no bubble.