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epoxy resin apg casting machine Manufacturer Factory Quotes


Epoxy resin apg casting machine is a special technology for casting high voltage electric components from epoxy resin. It can reduce the casting duration to dozen minutes from dozen hours by comparing to conventional vacuum casting method. 

It can control exothermic effect well, good for compensating shrinkage by curing reaction and so casted products have good dimension stability and high mechanical strength. 

So, this APG technology is especially suitable for casting pole rod of vacuum breaker, cover of SF6 breaker and those products of thin-wall, complicate or multiple side core pulling.

Epoxy Resin APG Casting Machine Product Description

Epoxy resin molding machine adopts PLC control, more humanized (man-machine interface), compared with domestic similar product beyond has the following features:

1, AHG10108 - V model from the original extension to the current 3.4 meters 3.2 meters, optimized the operators' operation space.

2, three kinds of the machine can be vertical, horizontal direction. After open mold, shut off the motor of the stop button, the operator can take products, clean up the mold into the machine.

3, core-pulling mechanism from top to bottom, from the original two guide pin to four guide pillar, the guidance performance is better, the core pulling up and down more smoothly.

4, translation adopts screw hand up and down to adjust positioning, and nut lock. Eliminating the hydraulic moving die mold damage when positioning the unexpected.

5, and configured the ammeter in every all the way on the electrical heating, heating tube can timely show the stand or fall of performance.

6, left, up, down) (close to die with a slow clamping, slowly open mold, and other functions, easy operation. Reduce the hydraulic impact, to guarantee the precision equipment, improve product quality.

7, epoxy resin molding machine mould opening time, * (set) will automatically.

8, stirring tank feeding mouth and hose adopts fast knot, easy to operate.

9, mixing stepless motor from 1.5 kw to 3 kw, and equipped with a timer can be used to set the stirring time, also can undertake mixing time.

Epoxy Resin APG Casting Machine Usage:

The aircraft is a large device, the template up to 1200 * 1100 mm, the upper and lowercore pulling away from the larger.

For large products such as: large insulated cylinder, contact cover, bending plate,plastic cover, basin-type insulators and so on.