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apg hydraulic molding machine for bushing supplier Quotes Factory


The complete plant for apg hydraulic molding machine need moulds, pre-mixing device, movable injection pressure vessel, hydraulic pressure gelating machine.air compressor, curing oven, etc. 

APG hydraulic molding machine is large and medium-sized equipment, dimension of clamping plate is 800*800mm, length of upper and lower core-pulling stroke can be determined according to the product(it needs lower core-pulling foundation pit when the lower core pulling exceeds300mm) 

It is mainly used for transformer, 12KV-1250A, 3150A insulating cylinder, contact box, 40.5KV bushing, bending plate upper and lower shell of SF6 insulating cover, etc. 

APG Hydraulic Molding Machine Key Specifications/Special Features:

Epoxy resin automatic pressure gelation clamping machine ishydraulic complete set equipment adopting APG equipment technology to produceepoxy resin insulation parts, insulator, insulating sleeve andcurrent transformer

Has functions-molding, pressure holding, top core pulling,bottom core-pulling, side injection, vertical, horizontal axistilting, heating, automatic temperature holding and more

Suitable to be used for various epoxy resin insulation partsand transformers production

Machine adopts whole frame structure, free accessible from bothsides,with fixing surface for heating plates/directly heated molds,THK linear motion guides, hanging carriage moving platesdirection-orientation clamping

Complete machine is consist of hydraulic system, electriccontrol system, heating system,mechanical system and more

Machine adopt whole frame structure, high technologyperformance and rigid machine frame

Adopt THK linear motion guides, hanging carriage moving plates,more reliable clamping, higher accuracy andconvenient-to-operate

Hydraulic system adopt high quality blades pump and motor,energy-saving, low noise, stable performance and pressure holdingthrough

Web rock electronic-contacts pressure gauge to fulfill stopholding, automatic-pressure supply and more

Adopt race electromagnetic valves, high quality and reliableperformance

Electric control cabinet integrated with MIT PLC and manualoperations

Heating plates adopt automatic temperature, control devices,temperature display, automatic temperature, control, high accuracyand reliable

Steps of Quality Control:        

1.Strictly control the purchase standard of raw materials.

2.With high precision equipment and rich experience workers to process components, make each process up to standard.

3.Assembly process, recheck the quality of the components, the machine appearance etc.

4.Before shipment, test all operating procedures by winding the core to ensure the machine work normally.