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Epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic APG clamping machine


 In China, with the development of pressure gelation equipment and its continuous improvement under the Coal Research Institute, as well as the gap between local epoxy resin specialized for pressure gel and imported material increasingly narrow, pressure gelation process in the electrical insulation industry has also been expanded, and has played an irreplaceable role. 

Pressure gelation technology is now successfully used in the production of high quality enclosed pole, cross-fluorinated sulfur load switch housing, transformers and other products.

Epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic APG clamping machine to produce the insulators as outlined below:

1.material pretreatment

A certain percentage of epoxy resin speical for pressure gel, curing agent, fillers, colorants join the mixing tank. Stir 1 to 2 hours to mix material evenly and no bubbles in the sealed pot under a vacuum state (absolute pressure is less than 500Pa).

2.injecting, forming

Pretreated epoxy resin mixture is injected into the APG mold preheating to 140deg with the help of compressed air or pressurized pump. The mixture is released from the mold after thermal gel forming and get semi-finished products.

Epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic APG clamping machine mold should be set aside suitable gap in a specific parting line surface in order to discharge the air from the mold in the process of injecting material. After the gel injecting into the mold, the epoxy resin due to rapid heating fill into the small gap, leaving the mold in a sealed state, so the material within the mold under pressure gradually gel to get a close texture product. 

In order to make the mold parting line surface leaving some gap not only able to exhaust but also reliable seal, which require higher accuracy of the mold, especially for some of the complex structure of the insulators, the mold is with much higher accuracy requirements. In short, Pressure gel mold is equipped with a high technical content.


After injection, the products are transferred to the oven, and the finished products get dense and low internal stress after slow cooling under constant temperature of 140deg 10 hours.

Epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic APG clamping machine features: 

Low power consumption

Less maintenance

High operation efficency standards

Abrasion resistant

Easy function

Excellent design

Robust construction

Corrosion resistant 

Long life servies

Epoxy resin automatic pressure gel hydraulic APG clamping machine description:

This machine is designed with 2 work station,clamp plate size is 600*800mm,support 2 moulds work on same machine ,greatly improved the effciency, it is special used for produce simple designed products, such as insulator,bushing and sensor.

The composition of the APG Claming Machine:The main machine+Mixing device(three sets)+ Stirring rack+Hydraulic Oil Pump+ Power distribution cabinet.

Update the details:

1.Specially designed for transformer of thin film degassing and cycle heating system mixing device, greatly improving the uniformity of mixing and pumping vacuum material.

2.Combination of equipment, moulds, as well as under the engineers constantly summarize and improve the production equipment has superior performance,high efficiency energy saving etc.

3.By APG pressure gel molding process, greatly improving the production efficiency, increased the product surface bright and clean degree, reduce the mold cost, reduces the labor costs of inputs.

4.One-stop services for electric factory,we are manufacturer APG Clamping Machine,APG Mould,Oven for APG Processing,Testing Equipment,Epoxy Resin Material,Silicon Material ,Release Agent,Winding Machine for CT&PT,Foil Winding Machine for Transformer,Laser Marking Machine can marking all kinds of materials,like epoxy resin.