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Casting mold development direction


Casting mold development direction

With the advance of industrialization to the development of the industry to speculate that the future, the following six aspects of the mold industry will be the direction of development.

The first is for the emerging strategic industries of intelligent Casting Mold for the energy saving and environmental protection industry services of energy-saving environmental protection casting mold;

Second for the new generation of information technology industry services with sensing and other functions of precision, ultra-precision casting mold;

Third for the bio - industry services of medical equipment precision ultra - precision casting molds;

Fourth for the "high-end equipment manufacturing industry," intelligent Casting Mold services;

Fifth for the new energy industry services, casting molds, these molds are megawatt-class wind turbine blade mold and the new spindle mold and motor mold;

Sixth for the new energy automotive industry services Casting Mold.