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The new model CNC transformer winding machine use toroidal transformers in applications


The new model CNC transformer winding machine use toroidal transformers in applications

The new model CNC transformer winding machine will make it possible to use toroidal transformers in applications where the less efficient and bulkier transformers have been the only choice. Although the power ratings of toroidal power transformers have gradually been increasing over the past two decades, 20KVA for single-phase applications has been the limit. CNC transformer winding machine can handle cores that will allow production of up to 100KVA transformers for power distribution serving industrial, residential and commercial customers. Other applications include "bushing" style current transformers for power stations. The reason toroidal transformers have long been the preferred choice is their reduced size and weight, typically 50% along with important features like low profile design, low or no hum and reduced operating temperatures due to lower losses. Saving half the space and weight when using a toroidal transformer will allow designers of all kinds of heavy machinery and equipment to consider the benefits of using toroidal power and isolation transformers now when power ratings up to 100KVA are available. Please contact Ms.Shelly  for more information about the new model CNC transformer winding machine toroidal winding machine. Telephone +86 18305029207 or by email to huao@goodapg.com.

The new model has following advantages:

1. AC inverter, brushless motor, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to operate, maintenance-free.

2. Multi-functional microcomputer design, data set is easy, and shut down to save data.

3. CNC transformer winding machine special function design, it can help to find the position of winding point and width.

4. In the middle of winding can be about to amend the location of the first cable, more convenient for special circles or high-precision coil winding system.

5. Suitable for all kinds of ballast winding, medium and large coils and transformers; increase, extend the coil and transformer.