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Propaganda Scheme Draft for Product Promotion of Epoxy Resin APG Equipment Automatic Feedin

 As a domestic one-stop professional manufacturer of APG equipment, moulds, winding machines, raw materials and production processes, Jiangshan Huaao Electricity Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of "automatic injection pressure system". So far, a new generation of APG equipment for epoxy resin automatic injection system has been designed and developed. At the same time, Huaao has continuously tapped the needs of customers in the industry.                                                         From the customer's point of view and combined with the needs of the industry market, it has launched a new generation of epoxy resin APG die casting equipment and provided process training and solutions for equipment application. A new generation of APG equipment has been formally put into market and used, which has made a great contribution to APG die casting equipment industry.  The automatic feeding and pressurizing system of Huaao Electric Power Company can be installed directly on the original APG equipment, using one-button start-up air intake instead of manual operation, without manual air intake and exhaust, with automatic constant pressure device to prevent the product from unqualified due to insufficient air pressure. And with a variety of products memory storage records, can be directly selected. It saves manpower, time, raw materials and other costs, and ensures product performance.                                                                                       Huaao also provides users with epoxy resin APG equipment and die-related process technology guidance and solutions, follow all customer needs and provide all-round support, tailor-made products to customer requirements. In addition, after-sales service is the top priority of products. Our service purpose is to solve all the difficult problems of customers and provide perfect after-sales service, which is an important part of Huaao Electricity Technology Company based on the market.