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Company News

New mold of voltage transformer casting


We are proud to inform that one Voltage transformer casting mold is currently available for quick delivery.

In the case of high voltage, the use of divider resistor method to expand the instrument range has become very difficult. If the use of Voltage transformer casting mold to high voltage proportional to low voltage, and then use low-range instrument to measure, it is equivalent to expand the range of AC meters, while greatly reducing the power consumption of the instrument itself. Because the Voltage transformer casting mold the high voltage into the low voltage, and the meter and the circuit under test have no direct electrical connection. Therefore, in the measurement of high voltage circuit, not only can ensure the safety of staff and Voltage transformer casting mold, but also reduces the insulation requirements of the instrument.


1. Capacity is very small and relatively constant, normal operation close to no-load state.

2. In order to ensure the safety of people in contact with measuring instruments and relays,Voltage transformer casting moldsecondary winding must be a little ground.

3. Voltage transformer casting mold has excellent insulation properties, impact resistance and mechanical pressure, and can protect the winding and not damp.

4. No maintenance, wiring, simple operation.